A Creative Balance.

Here in the heart of the Midlands, I find myself immersed in the enchanting world of wedding filmmaking. The joy of capturing the magic and emotion of couples on their special day is a passion that fuels my creative spirit. However, to maintain a delicate balance between my professional love and personal responsibilities, I've embraced the decision to delegate the editing process to a carefully selected wedding film editor.

The Love for Capturing Moments:

My true happiness lies in being on-site during weddings, witnessing the heartfelt moments that unfold. Crafting beautiful wedding films that reflect the unique characters of the couple and the mood of the day is not just a job – it's a calling.

Delegating to Preserve Passion:

Recognising the need for balance in my life, I made the conscious choice to entrust the editing process to a skilled wedding film editor, who has already complete a large majority of my jobs. This decision allows me to focus on what I love most – being present at weddings, capturing those fleeting moments that tell a couple's story.

Letting Go of the Baby:

Handing over the editing process, often described as letting go of a cherished project or "the baby," was not an easy decision. However, it has proven to be a transformative choice. By providing my editor with a detailed creative brief that dives into the couple's characters and unique moments of the day, I've managed to maintain the quality of my work while freeing up time for other essential aspects of life.

The Benefits of Creative Input:

Delegating the editing process ensures the consistent and timely delivery of wedding films. Allowing my editor to work diligently behind the scenes ensures that couples receive their precious memories on schedule, if not earlier. This commitment to prompt delivery reflects a high level of professionalism and reliability, enhancing the overall satisfaction of the couples.

Maintaining a Delicate Balance:

Despite the success of this approach, I remain committed to a delicate balance by personally taking on a limited number of bookings each month. This intentional decision allows me to juggle my roles as a father and husband alongside my creative profession. Committing to an average of two bookings a month (with a slight increase during the bustling summer season) is a conscious effort to uphold both family life and the craft of wedding filmmaking.

In the dynamic realm of wedding filmmaking, finding equilibrium is an ongoing challenge. My decision to delegate the editing process has proven to be a strategic and rewarding choice. By letting go of the baby, I've preserved my passion for capturing love stories while achieving a delicate balance between professional success and personal fulfilment. In doing so, I continue to deliver heartfelt wedding films that stand as timeless reflections of the magic shared by couples on their special day.

I set myself goals for each year and 17 days into the 2024 season, I am very close to the minimum booking goal, something I am incredibly proud of, I encourage couples to book early as some months are now at or close to reaching maximum capacity, especially the warmer months.


Andy x